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On December 13, at 9.12 AM, during formal proceedings of the Lublin City Council at the Crown Tribunal in Lublin, Krzysztof Zuk the Mayor elect received a certificate stating that he won the elections and was chosen the Mayor of Lublin. He also took his oath. In his speech of thanks he assured that he will show his appreciation by hard and conscientious work, in order to allow each resident of Lublin be proud of his hometown.
On November 26-27, Chatka Żaka will host the Artistic Skills Workshop Festival. During the Festival, students will present their skills to the audience; there will also be a chance to sign up for some of the classes. It will be a great opportunity to listen to a drum band Młode Djembe; its members include the best students who took part in a drumming workshop. The event round ups the annual work of all those who participated in all the workshops organized by “Chatka Żaka” Academic Centre of Culture of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. Apart from the shows, the event will also include concerts, workshops and live performances of well-known artists, during which everyone interested in participating in classes will have a chance to get together with the masters.
The works on the multimedia underground museum in the Old Town have commenced. Before the first visitors enter the new museum, the underground rooms will undergo an overhaul. The signs and sources of dampness and salinity on walls need to be removed, new electric circuit needs to be installed, and then the exhibits need to be placed in the museum. The main idea and purpose of the museum is to show the tourists the unique frescoes dating back to the 15th century and to create a museum that is absolutely one of a kind: a museum with no glass displays and “untouchable” exhibits, and which would present the history of Lublin in a modern and gripping way.
The 15th edition of the International Festival Theatre Confrontations will be launched on October 16. This edition will be exceptional owing to the staging of “Our Class” (“Nasza klasa”) by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, this year’s winner of the prestigious Nike 2010 Literary Award. It will undoubtedly be one of the most attended performances of all shows presented during the festival. The fifteenth anniversary is a chance for the organizers to summarize and gather all the most precious values of the event, and to introduce several new elements that will enrich the formula of the festival.
We would like to inform all students starting their academic courses in Lublin that season tickets on local public transport are available in electronic form. E-Ticket Card (Karta Biletu Elektronicznego) looks like a regular plastic ATM card and it is a proximity (contactless) card. In order to get one, you should follow fours simple steps. First, you need to submit an application, in person or online.
Students will be given an exceptional welcome on their 1st day of classes. On October 7, the university campus will change beyond recognition. It is all because of musicians, actors, artists and others, but especially because of the students who participate in the artistic life of Lublin. On Thursday evening, the university campus will host concerts, dance shows, artistic events, movie screenings and contests. Chatka Żaka will be available to all those interested in its everyday life. It will be a good chance to watch the rehearsals of bands and various groups in Chatka Żaka, as well as to learn more about them, and maybe even join them.
The Municipal Public Space exhibition shows how did the Norwegians transform an old airport into a park, what has changed after an old palace was demolished in Madrid, and what is the role of the Green Visions (Raggi Verdi) in Milan. On October 3, 2010, 25 charts will be placed on Litewski Square. The charts will be devoted to the most interesting projects related with the public space created by world’s most renown studios. The residents of Lublin will have the chance to get acquainted with the current trends in designing city spaces, such as: referring to the history of particular places, revival of boulevards and wharfs, inviting communities into the planning process, multifunctional places and retreating from making the functions of the space unequivocal, as well as the concept of balanced development. Some projects are shockingly flourished, whereas others are shockingly simple and modest. The projects present public spaces from New York City, Split, London, Warsaw and Beirut. Major names and places that are becoming the cities’ landmarks as we speak. The exhibition was prepared by the Cultural Workshop in Lublin and the Landscape Architecture Association (Stowarzyszenie Architektury Krajobrazu ‘SAK’).
The punk subculture is the subject of the current exhibition at Galeria Lipowa 13. The first punk bands were formed in the mid 1970’s in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Their original ideology was the lack of any ideology. Contestation of the reality was manifested by punks' lifestyle and clothing. In the Western countries the movement evolved, and in the 1980's the rebellious youngsters and artists became unscrupulous in terms of criticizing the commercialization of lifestyle and art. In Poland that was not quite the case. The origins of the punk movement in the stark reality of the People's Republic of Poland were unusual. One of its crucial elements was the music scene (over 300 bands) and lyrics of the songs. That was a true contestation and rebellion, not a consumer whim.
On October 6, the Experimental Music Workshop begin. The Workshop will be hosted by a Swedish double bass player, composer and producer – Joel Grip. In his letter to the participants, he writes: (…) during the workshop we will make ourselves sweat blood and create a whole bunch of music. We’ll try to do that in bands of all sizes, both in the roles of leaders and followers. All that for the ideas and concepts to intertwine with a dynamic and honest NOW! (…). The workshop is for everyone who wants to get to know all the latest composing and improvisation techniques presented by an extraordinary musician. All prospective participants are required to have their own instruments which will be used for performing music composed together with the host. It can be an instrument of any kind, either a computer, the most primitive percussion instruments, or your voice, as long as you are familiar with its sounds.
Animal shelter in Lublin would like to invite all animal aficionados to visit shelter animals on the shelter’s open day – September 26th (Sunday). As usual, apart from meeting the animals, the visitors will have a chance to talk to vets, sanitary and epidemiological station specialists and experts in animal behaviour.

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