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Lubelski Lipiec (Lublin July) 1980 is one of the occurrences that have changed Polish and European history. At the 30th anniversary of strikes, a series of commemorating events is planned to be held in Świdnik, Lublin and in the whole region. Numerous anniversary meetings, masses, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and street actions will take place between 17th and 25th July. The Great Freedom Concert has been arranged for the final of these celebrations to be held on Saturday, 24th July at 7 p.m. at Plac Zamkowy in Lublin. A star of European music, the EUROPE band, will perform. The concert will be free. However, volunteers of Caritas Archidiecezji Lubelskiej (Caritas Lublin Archdiocese Charity) will collect offerings for school materials for children from Powiśle region who suffered as a result of the flood. \
Another edition of the Polish – Ukraine Forum will take place in Lublin on May 17-18, 2010. This year’s edition theme is “Investment. Economy. Cross-border cooperation.” This will be a good chance to establish new business contacts, as well as to discuss the recent tendencies in trans-regional cooperation after the elections in Ukraine.
In the upcoming days, people visiting the multiplexes will be pleasantly surprised. Just before the screening of their movie, they will have a chance to see a 45-second clip encouraging tourists to visit Lublin – the City of Inspiration.
The advantages of the advancing globalization in our lives definitely do not relate to culture. The diversity of culture ought to be protected, as it is the diversity that defines the cultural heritage and prosperity. Therefore, it is a true challenge to assure the peaceful coexistence of entities and groups rooted in various cultural backgrounds.
The Fourth edition of the Night of Culture in Lublin will be dedicated to Lublin – the Monument of History. This is an event that will definitely make you sleepless. It is scheduled to start on June 5 and, just as in the previous years, will last until the morning. The majority of events will take place near the Monument of History, the Old Town, and a part of the Downtown that in 2007 were considered one of the most precious sites in Poland by the President of Poland.

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