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Church of the Holy Cross

Adres: Pogodna 7
Miejscowość: Lublin
Telefon:  81 472 60 80
The Church of the Holy Cross, located at the site of the Catholic University of Lublin (currently known as the student halls) was built in the 15th century. According to the legend, a merchant from Gdańsk, called Henryk, attempted to steal the piece of the Holy Cross kept at the church by the Dominicans. At night he tried to take the relic outside of the city, but outside the city walls his oxen stopped and refused to pull the carriage any further. Terrified, Henryk returned to the city, replaced the relic and then financed construction of a church in the place where the miracle took place – originally wooden, then made of brick in the Renaissance style. At the end of the 17th century the church was taken over by Observant Dominicans, who built a monastery inside it. In the 19th century the church, used as for example a barrack warehouse, gradually fell into decay. In the days of the Second Polish Republic, during conversion works related to adapting the entire complex to the university's needs, the church was renovated and certain Renaissance features of the building's body were preserved, whereas the interior was given an austere character resembling churches from the first ages of Christianity.

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