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​Lublin is situated in eastern Poland, at the northern edge of the Lublin Upland. The Bystrzyca valley splits the city into two parts featuring diverse landscapes: the left-bank side with varied land forms, deep valleys and old loess ravines, and the right-bank side, a part of the Świdnik Plateau. Lublin historically belongs to Lesser Poland and is the capital of the Lublin region. A great asset of the city is its location in close proximity of the eastern border of the European Union. 

Lublin is the largest academic, business and administration centre to the east of the Vistula. The nearest border crossing to Ukraine, at Dorohusk, is situated at a distance of approximately 100 km. Lublin is just 217 kilometres or about 3 hours’ drive away from Lviv, and a 503 km journey to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, takes about 6 hours. Given the current geopolitical realities, Lublin is an ambassador of eastern affairs in the European Union and a representative for EU affairs in the East. 

Lublin is where major international routes cross. With the transport infrastructure being continuously improved, convenient road and railway links are available to central and southern Poland. Lublin Airport, which opened in December 2012, provides quick access to Europe’s major cities and transport hubs: Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Oslo and Stockholm.

The data below show the distances from Lublin to major cities in Poland, international airports, European cities, and south-eastern border crossings.

cities in Poland


travel time




171 km

2 h 18 min

2 h 22 min


255 km

4 h 5 min

3 h 49 min


458 km

7 h 36 min

5 h 17 min


268 km

4 h 2 min

3 h 58 min


583 km

5 h 6 min

5 h 45 min


477 km

4 h 56 min

5 h 3 min

border crossings

Dorohusk (Ukraine)

95.8 km

1 h 18 min

1 h 16 min

Terespol (Belarus)

148 km

3 h 31 min

2 h 6 min

Barwinek (Slovakia)

258 km


4 h 6 min

international airports

Świdnik (Lublin Airport)

14.4 km

0 h 16 min

0 h 19 min

Warsaw (Chopin Airport)

177 km

2 h 48 min

2 h 29 min

cities in Europe


503 km


5 h 55 min


217 km


3 h 9 min


786 km


8 h 16 min


787 km


8 h 28 min


738 km


7 h 22 min


1 467 km


13 h 47 min

Source: In-house study based on and (11/03/2015.)

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