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Arguments for the choice of the city

Lublin, a city of inspiration, also inspires  business. 
The city is viewed as attractive in terms of location for direct foreign investments also by industry specialists. The analytical team of the Financial Times Group has found Lublin to be one of the most attractive cities for business in Poland. In the FDI ranking "Polish Cities of the Future 2015/16", it ranked  second among large cities in the Cost Effectiveness category.

  • Lublin is the largest city in eastern Poland, the capital of the Lublin voivodship (province); it is an "EU Gateway to the East" and the capital of eastern Poland.
  • Lublin is well linked with other regions through a railway and road network being expanded thanks to regular investments in infrastructure.
  • The city enjoys a favourable location between Warsaw and the eastern border of the country (Warsaw 171 km, Terespol 148 km, Hrebenne 85 km).
  • Proximity of the eastern foreign markets (Ukraine, Belarus).
  • A skilled personnel base prepared by 9 higher education institutions teaching more than 70,000 students and delivering 20,000 graduates each year.
  • Attractive investment land in the Lublin Subzone of the Special Economic Zone on the S-17 Expressway (Warsaw-Hrebenne) currently under construction and at a distance of just 10 km from Lublin Airport.
  • Operating and employment costs 20-30% lower than in central and  western Poland.
  • With its population of more than 340,000, Lublin is the centre of the Lublin Metropolitan Area with 712,000 inhabitants. This forms a large internal market of high absorbability.
  • Lublin is a young city. 52% of its inhabitants are less than 40 years of age, while 62.4% of the population are people of working age.
  • The city has 150,000 m² of modern office space.
  • Lublin’s inhabitants are multilingual - 91% of students speak English, 20% Russian and 31% German. Smaller percentages know French, Italian and Ukrainian.
  • The Lublin City Office offers the support of a professional team for investor relations, providing comprehensive assistance at each stage of the investment process.

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