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Trolleybuses in Lublin

Lublin is where one of three existing trolleybus networks in Poland is operated (the other two locations being Gdynia and Tychy). Currently, the districts of Lublin are linked by ten trolleybus lines. The carrier operating the trolleybus lines is the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) Lublin. 

There are currently 12 trolleybus lines and 2 seasonal lines (special cemetery and tourist lines) in Lublin. A vast majority of them are typical cross-city trolleybus lines, three of which (9, 20 and 56) are hybrid lines linking the city centre with the outer districts of Abramowice, Rury (LSM), Majdanek, Węglin, Hospital on Chodźki St., Mełgiewska St., and the Main Railway Station.

The first trolleybus running from the railway station, via Łokietka Square, to Aleje Racławickie was put into service on 21 July 1953. New routes were soon deployed along Kunickiego St., Lubartowska St. and Aleje Racławickie. The significance of that fact went far beyond the commissioning of yet another municipal transport line. A newspaper appearing at the time wrote that, with the emergence of the trolleybus service, Lublin acquired a big city ambience.


One of the MPK-owned Soviet ZIU trolleybuses was remodelled in 2003. By replacing some of the classical bus seats with tables and fitting a bar unit, a special tourist version was created which can serve various promotional functions. In 2008, marking the 55th anniversary of the trolleybus system, a tourist line was put into operation, which is served by this trolleybus. The vehicle features tinted windows and air brushed graphics of the New City Hall and Lublin’s symbol, Cracow Gate, and it carries the promotional slogan "Discover Lublin". Small tables are installed between seats which can accommodate 22 people.

Route 1 – travel time of approx. 50 minutes
Kraśnicka Depot – Racławickie – Lipowa – Piłsudskiego – Wolska – Park Bronowicki – Zygmuntowskie – Piłsudskiego – Lipowa – Racławickie – Nałęczowska (MPK).

Route 2 – travel time of approx. 1 h 40 minutes
Option 1:
Kraśnicka Depot – Majdanek – Chodźki – Zamojska – Wolska – Piłsudskiego – Lipowa – Racławickie – Nałęczowska (MPK)
Option 2:
Kraśnicka Depot – Racławickie – Piłsudskiego – Pl. Bychawski – Kunickiego – Abramowice – Kunickiego – Wolska – Park Bronowicki – Chodźki – Zamojska – Wolska – Piłsudskiego – Lipowa – Racławickie – Nałęczowska (MPK)

Route 3 for other customers (individuals, businesses) – travel time of approx. 2 – 2.5 h
Kraśnicka – Racławickie – Majdanek – Chodźki – Fabryczna – Wolska – Piłsudskiego – Lipowa – Racławickie – Kraśnicka (terminus) – Kraśnicka – Rondo Krwiodawców – Nałęczowska (MPK)

For ZIU-tek rental details please contact:

Zakład Działalności Pomocniczej "MPK Lublin" Sp.z o.o. ,

tel. (081) 75 04 166


GUTEK is a Jelcz 272 Mex with inventory number 199, commonly also called “Cucumber”, restored by the Municipal Transport Company.

In the past, the Jelcz 272 Mex served the public in Lublin (in 1971-1983) and later left the city for a few years and was owned by a private person. As was originally the case, the bus is red with cream finish features. It is more than 10 m in length, has two doors and can carry 81 passengers (28 seated and 53 standing).

GUTEK is used as a tourist attraction and it is also presented at vintage vehicle rallies.


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