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Minorities in Lublin

Minorities in Lublin

National, ethnic and religious minorities in Lublin

Lublin's location on the cultural and economic edge of the East and the West has influenced its character. We remember about significant heritage ensuing from multiculturalism of the city and we nurture its traditions in many ways. For many generations there have been numerous representatives of national, ethnic or religious minorities in Lublin and nowadays our city has becoming a buoyant academic centre atrracting more and more foreign students. At the same time people decide to set up their businesses or work in Lublin, contributing to development of local labour market. This unique mixture is what makes Lublin special and we are proud to say that Lublin is a city for all.

Please find below the examples of minority communities active in Lublin.


Greek Catholic Community
Orthodox Community
Protestant Community
Polish Catholic Church
Jewish Community
Muslim Community
Buddhist Community


Ukrainian Community
Roma Community


Armenian Community
Nigerian Community

Ukrainian Community

  • Foundation of Spiritual Culture of Borderland (Fundacja Kultury Duchowej Pogranicza)

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