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Organisations involved in activities in support of Lublin minorities

Organisations involved in activities in support of Lublin minorities

Dla Ziemi” Association was established in 1995 and has since then completed dozens of projects – both small ones, targeted at the local community, improving the educational situation of village children, youth exchange schemes, promoting active involvement of youth in voluntary activities and the implementation of their own projects, as well as large projects, addressed to the main group we work with, i.e. refugees and migrants. The Association has been implementing the following projects: ”STRANGERS? Growing closer together” and “We want to live in Poland”, or a project targeted at female refugees and migrants titled “The voice of women”, which is aimed to promote the social activity of this group. The Association’s activities also include a second line, which is operated by the SZUM Youth Group attached to the organisation (the group has been active for 10 years), whose objective is to build a Rural Centre for Alternative Technologies in our neighbourhood. The Centre is to enable young people to build their own homes with the use of an environmentally-friendly, traditional technology, without raising bank loans, in compliance with nature, on a collaborative and cooperative basis, encouraging the use of solutions alternative to those commonly in use, using local materials.

Contact: "Dla Ziemi" Association
Bratnik 5
21-132 Kamionka
Tel.: 603 882 082 Tel.:81 852 7876

Homo Faber Association has been operating since 2004, and its primary object of interest is the relationship between the individual and the authorities. The objective of the organisation is to monitor public authorities in a critical and substantive way to see if they effectively perform their obligations and observe human rights and freedoms. The Association undertakes the representation of minorities and excluded groups. It counteracts discrimination irrespective of gender, political and other views, race, skin colour, national and ethnic origin, religion, language, age and sexual orientation. Homo Faber seeks to identify/track challenges facing contemporary states. It tries to identify the newly emergent social phenomena, pose questions and look for feasible solutions. At a more practical level, Homo Faber pioneers foreigner-focused “welcome” actions – for a few years now, it has been publishing its Kapownik directory – a practical guide to living in Lublin, edited in the form of an academic calendar in three languages; tours foreigners around Lublin, introducing the city at the cultural, official, cost-saving and historical levels, teaching the Polish language and culture.

University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (map)
Lublin, 12 Bursaki St.
Room 310B (3rd floor)
phone./fax 81 534 45 13

The Rule of Law Institute. The Rule of Law Institute Foundation is a non-governmental organisation established by Polish and American lawyers associated with the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lublin. It was founded in late 2001/early 2002 to support initiatives seeking to enhance legal awareness of the public, improve professional qualifications of lawyers, promote European law and the idea of European integration, promote the protection of human rights and a reform of the legal education system. The Foundation is a local expert in legal advice to foreigners, implementing also an innovative project “LOGIN:Lublin”, and it is actively involved in activities in support of the foreign community.

14/70 Chopina St.
20-023 Lublin
tel.: +48 81 743 68 05
fax: +48 81 743 68 05

Volunteer Centre. The Volunteer Centre in Lublin has been in existence since 1999. The idea to establish a volunteer work service in Lublin arose from activities pursued by youth and clergy associated with the Youth Pastoral Work Centre of the Lublin Archdiocese, established by Archbishop Józef Życiński, and contacts with the leader of the Italian volunteer service movement Staś Gawroński. The social projects undertaken disclosed the need to set up a Volunteer Centre in our city. Since then, nearly 20,000 people have joined the service through the Volunteer Centre. The Volunteer Centre is an organisation comprehensively involved in volunteer work. Its main areas of activity include the coordination of volunteers’ work, formation, promotion and inspiration of local communities and pastoral work communities towards creating volunteer clubs, offices and centres.

open Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
4 Jezuicka St. (1st floor)
20-213 Lublin
Tel. 81 534 2652, Fax: 81 532 4545,

17 Głęboka St.
20-612 Lublin

Centre for Support of Migrants and Refugees, Caritas Lublin, has been in existence since 1994. Over the years, a number of initiatives towards refugees has been undertaken, such as social services for persons seeking asylum in Poland as well as the ones to whom the asylum / protection has been granted, intercultural support (intercultural staff employed in the Centre who provides direct help in hospitals, health centres, schools and other institutions), psychological support, law support, careers services, integration services.

al. Unii Lubelskiej 15,
phone/fax: 0048 81 743 71 86

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