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European Festival of Taste 2021

European Festival of Taste 2021

The European Festival of Taste is the largest food festival in the Lublin region combining cultural and cooking events. It attracts a number of kitchen and cooking enthusiasts every year. Moreover, it presents various faces of culture - from music, through images, words, as well as dining and cooking. The event will be held in Lublin on September 6-12.
The aim of the European Festival of Taste is to exhibit the multicultural heritage of the Lublin regional cuisine. The event is also a great opportunity to have fun and get to know what treasures the Lublin region has to offer. The organisers encourage the visitors to ponder, slow down and savour the flavours and aromas, as well as to taste the Lublin, Polish and European cuisine. Local products are promoted by the famous names of worldwide cuisine, persuading recipients to turn to regional and seasonal products, showing their presence in high, refined cuisine, in regional restaurants, as well as in home and everyday cuisine.
The festival’s hallmark is the rich cultural programme covering, for example, the concerts of Balkan and Ukrainian music, exhibitions and vernissages, cooking competitions and classes.

Let's taste Lublin! 

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