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Born 20 August 1921 in Łopiennik. On 29 June 1948, he was ordained as a priest, and on 27 June 1975 became Bishop of Lublin. On 25 March 1992, he was appointed Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lublin and on the anniversary of his ordainment, on 29 June 1992, he received the Metropolitan Archbishop’s pallium from John Paul II. The Honorary Citizenship was conferred by Resolution No 517/LII/97 of the Municipal Council in Lublin of 3 July 1997. The Act of Honorary Citizenship: The Lublin City Council is honoured to confer on His Excellency Archbishop Bolesław Pylak the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Lublin. This Act is an expression of our gratitude and great appreciation for your fatherly, wholehearted attitude to the entire community of believers, for your door kept open for all petitioners, for your skill of dialogue. We thank Your Excellency for your scholarly work at the Catholic University of Lublin and your pastoral work in our Church in Lublin, and for the development of Catholic associations and movements which help believers to become aware of their identity and responsibility for the Church. For more than 30 years of your pastoral work, Your Excellency has been accompanied by the words “In Thee O Lord did I hope”. Thank you for the creed of faith, hope and love, for guiding the local Church in this spirit. Your Excellency has contributed to the development of the Marian cult. We are especially grateful for the coronation of the picture of Holy Mother in Lublin Cathedral and for entrusting our Archdiocese to Mary. It was during your service as a Bishop that we hosted the Holy Father John Paul II in our city on 9 June 1987. It was during Your Excellency’s tenure that many churches and parish community centres, chapels and religious instruction centres were built. A modern retreat home and meeting centre in Dąbrownica excellently serves the residents of Lublin. The Diocesan Publishing House has developed, as have charitable actions for those in need. Asking Your Excellency to accept the Honorary Citizenship of the City of Lublin, we extend sincere thanks to Your Excellency for everything, with the very best wishes as well as words of our highest appreciation and reverence.

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