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Xarxa FP

Xarxa FP

Xarxa FP is a European non-profit association created in 1999 gathering 35 cities from 15 EU countries working together on VET mobility and innovation. Together they represent more than 600 VET Schools including more than 250 000 VET students.

Xarxa FP was founded in 1999 by the City of Barcelona who proposed the creation of a network of cities with the purpose of promoting a sustainable infrastructure among local administrations, companies and Vocational and Education Training (VET) centres in order to develop common mobility strategies for professional training in close cooperation with the city’s productive sectors.

Xarxa FP arranges work placements for VET students and trainings for VET teachers in European cities members of the network. Due to the membership, the Lublin students will have an opportunity to travel to vocational schools abroad. Other students from the network countries will also be able to visit Lublin.

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department coordinates XARXA FP programme.

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