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Population: Population: 78 078

Delmenhorst is situated in the District of Weser-Ems in Lower Saxony, 15 kilometres from Bremen, between the Weser and Ems rivers, amid forests, meadows and canals.
The history of the city started in 1247 when Count Otto of Oldenburg had a “castle on water” (de horst) built in the valley of the Delme river (from which the name Delmenhorst originated). It was granted a town’s charter in 1371. Over the 700 years of its existence
it grew from a count’s residence into a modern industrial and trade centre. Delmenhorst’s intensive economic development began after 1870 when the city’s great factories were a jute-spinning factory, DLW carpet factory and wool-spinning factory. Their manufacturing activity contributed to a rapid growth of the town on the Delme in the first half of the 20th century when Delmenhorst became the largest industrial city in the Oldenburg region. Today it is home to numerous international companies, such as Atlas Weyhausen (diggers and bulldozers), Delmond International (clothing trade), Ko­necke Meistermarkenwerke (fats trade), DLW (the only German factory that produces carpets of polyvinyl chloride). One of the city’s most beautiful landmarks is the City Hall with a water tower and
the gallery Haus Coburg. Nordwolle, a reconstructed 19th century spinning factory is now a museum. The city has historic Evangelical churches and a Catholic church. . Twice
a year Delmenhorst is a scene of the Kramermarkt fair which culminates in Kartoffelfest and Del-Show festivals. The city has also a park where the residents meet and go for walks.

Interesting facts:

Main attractions/sights:
the Burginsel [Castle Island] – an island on which an old castle existed in medieval times;
the Little House;
water tower;
Nordwolle Museum – a museum presenting industrial history of the town;

Typical dishes:
the cuisine is diverse: one may find here Greek, Mexican and Turkish cuisine;

Famous citizens:
Christian Welp – a former basketball player and European basketball champion;
Volker Wieker – the Chief of Staff of the Bundeswehr;
Wolfgang Michels – a musician;

Potato Festival – beginning of November;
Christmas Market – since the end of November till Christmas;
Folk Festival

one of the Lufthansa aeroplane was named after the city.

Stadt Delmenhorst
Rathausplatz 1
D - 27 749 Delmenhorst
tel: 0049 4221 990
fax: 0049 4221 99 2034

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