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Signing a contract: 16.02.2012
Population: Population: 1 471 100

Jiading is one of the 18 districts of Shanghai in the north-western part of the city.
It comprises 7 towns (Anting, Malu, Nanxiang, Jiangqiao, Waigang, Xuhang, Huating),
3 sub-districts  (Jiading Town, Xincheng Road oraz Zhenxin), the Jiading Industrial Zone and the Jiading New Area services zone. Jiading lies on a flatland cut by numerous tributaries of the Yangtze i Huangpu rivers of more than 1800 km length.
Jiading stands out for its well developed road network: it has over 1000 km of highways, motorways and local roads. The road infrastructure as well as the location in the Yangtze Delta create favourable conditions for industry development in the district. By 2010 the industry was generating an annual revenue of 229,69 billion of yuans, 29,2% more than
in the previous years. The main branch of Jiading's industry is the automotive sector, particularly the automotive components industry with 251 companies operating in the market, whose annual income exceed 85 billion of yuans. In 1998 Shanghai International Automobile City  was established in Jiading on the 68 km 2 area. It is a business cluster that associates car production & sales companies as well as those dealing with motor shows, research- oriented activities, race tracks and museums. The second most profitable branch is the construction sector with 139 companies operating in the local market. The trade and agriculture sectors are also of great importance for the Jiading's economy. 
Jiading is not only a dynamic industry centre but also home to many universities. Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Normal University (Tianhua College) and
a number of art and technical high schools have their seats in Jiading.
Finally, Jiading is a district full of tourist attractions and national heritage sites visited yearly by millions of tourists from Shanghai. The neighbourhood of Zhouquiao Street
with the 13th century Confucius Temple and the early 13th century seven- story pagoda are also worth mentioning. Both temples were included in the list is of Major Sites Protected for their Historical and Cultural Value in the Municipality of Shanghai.
Another worth attention site in Jiading is Qiuxia Garden, which covers an area of over 3 ha. It is a Chinese classic garden established in 1450-1526, famous as a source
of inspirations for poets and writers. The traditional craftsmanship, such as yellow grass weaving and artistic decoration of the bamboo stems. 

Interesting facts:

main historical sites:
Confucius Temple;
Fahua Pagoda;
Bamboo Sculpture Museum

typical food:
 xiaolongbao – a sort of stuffed muffins;
 Malu grapes;

Grape Festival in Malu;
Bamboo and Lotus Festival;
other information:
the Shanghai International F1 Circuit is situated in the Jiading District

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