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Name: Partnership agreement
Signing a contract: 29.04.2010
Population: Population 3 610 000

The city is located in the north-western part of Henan Province. In the north, it is separated by the Taihang Mountains from Shanxi Province and in the south by the Yellow River from the cities of Zhengzhou and Luoyang. Jiaozuo has jurisdiction over two smaller cities, four regions, four districts and a highly industrialized zone. The city covers an area of 4.071 m2 and is populated by some 3.61 million people. GDP in 2008 totalled CNY 103.16 billion, and the municipal revenue CNY 5.86 billion. Jiaozuo has a convenient geographical location and is an important transport hub linking the north with the south and the east with the west. Jiaozuo has a long history of a key rail and road centre with two large railway stations of Yueshan and Daiwang. The length of city roads is 7103 km, i.e. 174.5 km per km2, much more than the provincial or even country average.


Jiaozuo reaps much benefit from its unique natural resources. First, it abounds in mineral resources. There are over 40 minerals in the area, 20 of which are being mined (e.g. coal, limestone, bauxite, pyrite). Coal deposits are estimated at 600 million tons, including a large deposit of high-energy anthracite, ideal for the chemical and steel industries. Iron ore deposits amount to approximately 27 million tons, limestone to 10 billion tons (it is used for cement production), and pyrite to some 35 million tonnes. Second, the city has immense water resources of 23 rivers having relatively large catchment areas. Third, Jiaozuo offers many sites suitable for industrial development. These sites are ideal for industrial activity; they neighbour on mines, water reserves, thoroughfares and other urban areas. Energy resources available for Jiaozuo are well protected. Huge coal deposits in the neighbouring province of Shanxi and vast groundwater resources provide advantageous conditions for the development of large thermal power generation plants. Today, the city has several power plants, such as Danhe and Jinguan. Their total power is 3.12 million kWh, the highest in the province of Henan. Three other plants scheduled for construction are intended to provide the power of 10 million kWh; this will make Jiaozuo one of the strategic locations on the energy map of China.


Besides, the city offers attractive tourist destinations, such as the Global Yuntai Mountain Geological Park (consisting of 5 parks altogether), one of the 28 parks listed by UNESCO. Beginning in 2003, Jiaozuo began to gain in popularity and turned a tourist city much visited for its beautiful landscapes and scenery. In addition, Jiaozuo was a vivid centre back in the ancient times and was the birthplace of many historical figures such as: Hanyu, Sima Yi and Xu Heng. Within the city boundaries, there are six protected historical sites, such as Tianning Temple.


The city is also a cradle of Tai Chi, currently a very popular martial art in the world. Rich natural resources, good transportation network and supportive city policies make Jiaozuo an attractive partner in any investment. Many well-known domestic and foreign companies opened their branches here (e.g. AES from the USA, Alliance from Great Britain, Huarun from Hongkong). They invest in electrical engineering, environmental protection, food processing, metallurgy and real property. The total foreign investment in Jiaozuo in 2008 amounted to over CNY 26.4 billion.


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Foreign Affairs Office of Jiaozuo City


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