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Lancaster, Great Britain

Lancaster, Great Britain
Name: Lancaster
Country: United Kingdom
Signing an agreement: 11.05.1994
Type of agreement: partnership agreement
Year: 1994
Contact: Lancaster Town Hall
Dalton Square
Lancaster LA1 1PJ
tel.: +44 1524 582000

The city lies in North-Western England, 230 miles from London. Its history is over 1,900 years old and goes back to the times when Lancaster was a Roman settlement. The cloth, furniture and rope-making trades developed there in the 7th century. In 1937 Lancaster was transformed into a big city with an industrial centre. At present the light industry is the dominant economic sector (textile, furniture, chemical and building industries).
The number of manufacturing plants has recently decreased and simultaneously the service sector has grown. Numerous companies operating on the computer, financial, insurance and design markets have been established and created jobs for more than 70% of the employment-age population. The city’s biggest companies are: Farbo-Lancaster, (vinyl production), Reebok UK Ltd. (clothing and sports shoes), Storeys Decorative Products (wallpaper), SoupleX Ltd. (plastic), and Nothern Hi-Tec Ltd. (electronic parts). This historic city offers tourists numerous attractions, such as a Romanesque castle, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Marine Museum. Not far from Lancaster is the popular holiday resort of Morecambe, situated on one of England’s most beautiful bays amidst hills and lakes. The city is surrounded by the Lake District one side, and by the Yorkshire Moors on the other one.

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