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Rishon LeZion, Israel

Rishon LeZion, Israel
Name: Rishon LeZion
Country: Israel
Signing an agreement: 30.06.2001
Type of agreement: partnership agreement
Year: 2001
Contact: Rishon LeZion City Hall
20 HaCarmel St.
Rishon LeTsiyon, 75264 Izrael
tel.: +972 3 9547255, 9547201
fax: +972 3 9547090

Rishon LeZion (also spelled Rishon LeZiyyon), is a city in Israel, located on the Mediterranean Sea, south of Tel Aviv. It was founded on 31 July 1882 as a farm settlement by a group of 10 Jewish immigrants (members of the Hovovei Zion movement – Lovers of Zion) from Kharkiv. It was the first Zionist settlement established in Palestine. In 1883, the first well was drilled here. The well is a monument and a tourist attraction till the present day. In 1885, Fanny Abramovitch, who lived there, designed today’s flag of the State of Israel, and in 1889 the contemporary anthem of the State of Israel was composed in Rishon LeZion. Under Baron Edmond James de Rothschild’s patronage and with his finances, the Carmel Winery, and citrus plantations, were established in 1889.

Places of interest include: Haviv – the first all-Hebrew elementary school (1888) and Yad Lebanim – the museum of Rishon LeZion’s history. Major archaeological landmarks include: over 4,000 years old cemetery, an Assyrian summer fortress, and three wineries, each 1,500 years old. Today there are about 160 synagogues in the city. On the western side of Highway 4, on the sandy coastal dunes, an amusement park (Superland) and a zoo were built in 1991. Sandy beaches and a seaside promenade add to the list of available attractions. Heichal HaTarbut is a state-of-the-art culture centre that houses a theatre and a large concert hall.

Rishon LeZion is famous for its annual Wine Festival. One can go on a guided wine tasting tour around Carmel Winery in Rishon.

Located on the outskirts of the city, Industrial zones, are home to local industry, and business centres, and thanks to their convenient location, they are trouble-free to residents and their leisurely way of life. Electronic and automotive industry, a cement factory, and a glassworks, are located in these zones, among many others.

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