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Signing a contract: 01.10.2013
Population: Population: 250 000

Rivne is a city in western Ukraine. It is the administrative centre and capital of the Rivne Oblast (Province), located on the banks of the Uscie river. Its plane landscape and numerous historical buildings emphasize its original character, while its favourable location between Warsaw and Kiev makes Rivne an important transport hub.

Past ages:
The city's history dates back to the late 13th century, when it was a property of the grand Lithuanian dukes and, subsequently of the Polish magnate families. From 1569 to 1793 Rivne belonged to The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. During the inter-war period, Rivne found itself again within the Polish sovereign territory to become, in 1944, a part of the Soviet Union. In 1991, the city became a part of the independent Ukraine.

Rivne today:
Nowadays, Rivne is an important chemical and energy industry centre. This is also where many universities and high schools have their seats.

Interesting facts:

Resurrection Cathedral from the late 19th century
modernist Peter and Paul Church
orthodox greek catholic church from 1756
the Great Synagogue from the early 19th century

Famous people form Rivne:
Anna Walentynowicz – Polish anti-communist dissident;
Bogdan Czaykowski – poet, interpreter and literary critic
Stanisław Zieliński – recipient of the Virtuti Militari Order
Serhij Honczar – ciclist, former world champion .

Rivne is also called "the amber capital of Ukraine" due to its rich mining deposits and jewellery articles. The city hosts various cultural events, such as the Youth Festival
of Traditional Folk Culture "Drewlańskie Źródła". There are still remains of the past Polish presence in the history if the city, for example the former secondary school building and the former branch office of Poczta Polska- the Polish public postal service. Moreover, Rivne is the centre of the motorcycle speedway. Before the II world war, there were several Polish sports clubs, like for instance Sokół Równe i Hallerczyk Równe.

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