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The European Network of Cities and Universities „EUniverCities”

The European Network of Cities and Universities „EUniverCities”

EUniverCities Network

EUniverCities is the network established in 2012 with the registered office in Delft, in the Netherlands. A robust academic community is a common feature of the cities, which constitute members of the network. As a rule, the cities apply to join the network and gain membership in a city/univercity tandem, together with universities in a given city. The aim of the cooperation is to educate one another how to create the most favourable conditions for studying and promoting the scientific and educational potential in a given city.

The City of Lublin and Lublin's univercities joined the network in 2014. The Lublin City Council adopted the relevant resolution on 16th October 2014.

The remaining members of the network i.e. cities and univercities are as follows:

  • City of Aveiro - University of Aveiro
  • City of Exeter - University of Exeter
  • City of Ghent - Ghent University
  • City of Innsbruck - University of Innsbruck
  • City of Lausanne - University of Lausanne
  • City of Linköping - Linköping University
  • City of Lublin - Maria Curie Sklodowska University Lublin
  • City of Magdeburg - Otto-von-Guericke University and University of Applied Sciences
  • City of Malaga - University of Malaga
  • City of Norrköping - Linköping University – Campus Norrköping
  • City of Parma - University of Parma
  • City of Timisoara - West University of Timişoara
  • City of Trondheim - University of Science and Technology
  • City of Turku - University of Turku | Åbo Akademi University

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department coordinates Lublin's cooperation with the „EuniverCities” network.

More information on the network to be found at

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