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The European Network of Cities "Eurocities"

The European Network of Cities "Eurocities"

The Association of European Cities Eurocities was established in 1986 and currently it brings together 186 cities from European Union countries (full members) as well as countries outside the European Union (Associate Members). Eurocities is based in Brussels.
EUROCITIES mission is to represent the interests of cities in contacts with EU institutions and agencies, and in particular to influence shaping European city policies, consulting cities and advocating solutions and recommendations in that regard.

EUROCITIES supports cooperation and exchange of experiences between the member cities, it also functions as a partner search platform for multilateral projects co-financed from EU funds.
Eurocities works through wide thematic forums and more focused working groups. Among those you can find: Culture Forum, Economic Development Forum, Environmental Forum or European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Working Group and City Branding and Attractiveness Working Group among many others.

More on Eurocities - the official website of the organization - in English:

In a Resolution No. 274 / X / 2003 of Lublin City Council as of 16 October 2003 consent was granted for the City of Lublin to join the Association of European Cities "Eurocities" and in accordance with resolution of the Eurocities Executive Committee as of 26 November 2003, Lublin became an associate member, however from 1 May 2004, following Poland's accession to the European Union, Lublin became a full member of the Association.
Chancellery of the Mayor coordinates Lublin's activities in Eurocities.







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