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2nd Chance project meeting in Caen, France

2nd Chance project meeting in Caen, France

Partners of the project “2nd Chance: Waking up sleeping giants” gathered in Caen, France for a bilateral meeting on October 18-21, 2017. The meeting participants included the project leader, i.e. the City of Naples, as well as partners from Brussels and Lublin.

The issues discussed involved the potential for the area development that lies behind the revitalisation of derelict buildings and providing them with a new function. The meeting participants analysed good examples of “waking up sleeping giants” in the host city and in the other participants’ cities. These discussions were complemented by study visits of districts and sites located in the area of Presqu'île, a peninsula in the heart of Caen, which either have already been revitalised or still undergo revitalisation.

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