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All enthusiasts of cycling are invited to come at Litewski Square on Sunday, May 29 at 9 o’clock. A family event promoting Lublin Bicycle Paths and other tourist attractions will start there. At about 7 o’clock the registration of participants of Lublin-Nałęczów-Kazimierz Dolny trial will take place. All enthusiasts of cycling are welcome to take part in Cycling Parade. The organizers of the event are: • Therapeutic Institution "Spa Nałęczów", • Lublin Marshal Office, • Lublin Regional Tourism Organisation, • Lang Team, • Local Tourist Organisation "Land of loess ravines" • Nałęczowianka, • Lublin Voivodeship Police Headquarters, • Voivodeship Traffic Centre.
PTTK City Branch in Lublin invites children and young people from Lublin schools to explore the Constitution of May 3 trail. The guides will show them sites that commemorate the 220th anniversary of the Constitution enactment. They will also talk about the historical figures who contributed to the first in Europe and the world's second constitution. The tour began on May 3 at Litewski Square and it continued as follows: ul. 3 Maja, Kołłątaja, Kościuszki, Staszica, Królewska, Gruella and the Old Town Square.
Sunny Wrotków is currently one of the best places to spend free time in Lublin and its surrounding areas. From now on, our residents have access to the following attractions: - the possibility to rent bikes, water bikes, kayaks and surfboards, - swimming pool complex (children's pool, swimming pool, 20 m and two medium-sized swimming pools), a pond with two slides
Victory! The Carnival of Lublin Joggling team won the contest "Poland even more beautiful -7 Wonders of the European Funds”. Our city proved to be the best in this year's fourth edition of "Poland even more beautiful – 7 Wonders of the European Funds”. We owe the victory in the category of 'promotional product' to the Carnival of Lublin Joggling Team.
EvelynGlennie, deaf percussionist who feels sound through body, as well as DJ Yoda, known for his humorous style of mixing will perform in May in Lublin. Other personalities, contemporary music composers, representatives of the avant-garde jazz and traditional musicians and artists who reconstruct archaic musical traditions will also come to our city. We will host all these great artists from 14 to 21 May, during the Festival of Tradition and Avant-garde Music KODY.
The opening concert of the Lublin Student Culture Days was on May 4th at Castle Square in Lublin . The star of the evening was a British rapper Roots Manuva!  Supersci, Virus Syndicate, CHONABIBE Sound and SinSen also performed on the stage. We could see and hear the the representatives of global urban sounds. The highlight of the evening was the performance of the British rap legend, known for its energetic concerts -Roots Manuva. He was preceded by the Swedish group Supersci and modern British fusion of rap with a strong electronics - Virus Syndicate. Lublin was represented be CHONABIBE Sound and SinSen. The organizer of the concert was the Office of the Mayor of Lublin. 
June 13, four people from the ECC international selection committee will come to Lublin. Jurors will stay in our city for one day. The main purpose of their visit is, as we read in the letter sent by the Ministry of Culture, to acquaint members of the Selection Committee with a real image of the city and the presentation of the main events of the ECC 2016. What does this mean for us? We must prepare for them a nine-hour program of the visit, including meetings and sightseeing tour. We know that jurors pay attention to people on the streets. Sometimes, they ask them if they knew that the city wanted to become European Capital of Culture and if they supported these efforts. Therefore, we encourage our residents to think about how they can convince the jury on June 13 that it is Lublin that should become the ECC 2016.
On December 13, at 9.12 AM, during formal proceedings of the Lublin City Council at the Crown Tribunal in Lublin, Krzysztof Zuk the Mayor elect received a certificate stating that he won the elections and was chosen the Mayor of Lublin. He also took his oath. In his speech of thanks he assured that he will show his appreciation by hard and conscientious work, in order to allow each resident of Lublin be proud of his hometown.
On November 26-27, Chatka Żaka will host the Artistic Skills Workshop Festival. During the Festival, students will present their skills to the audience; there will also be a chance to sign up for some of the classes. It will be a great opportunity to listen to a drum band Młode Djembe; its members include the best students who took part in a drumming workshop. The event round ups the annual work of all those who participated in all the workshops organized by “Chatka Żaka” Academic Centre of Culture of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. Apart from the shows, the event will also include concerts, workshops and live performances of well-known artists, during which everyone interested in participating in classes will have a chance to get together with the masters.
The works on the multimedia underground museum in the Old Town have commenced. Before the first visitors enter the new museum, the underground rooms will undergo an overhaul. The signs and sources of dampness and salinity on walls need to be removed, new electric circuit needs to be installed, and then the exhibits need to be placed in the museum. The main idea and purpose of the museum is to show the tourists the unique frescoes dating back to the 15th century and to create a museum that is absolutely one of a kind: a museum with no glass displays and “untouchable” exhibits, and which would present the history of Lublin in a modern and gripping way.

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