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Feast of new circus

Feast of new circus

For the second time the feast of new circus will be held in Lublin. The following have been lined up: a parade, an opening show, a Fire Night as well as Fireshow Gala, tent performances: juggling, acrobatic shows or flying trapeze shows. The program has nearly 100 events, most of which are free or free of charge to Lubliners. A Lublin ticket is a novelty, thanks to which residents will enter the convention and training halls in Park Ludowy (People's Park).

The European Juggling Convention (EJC) is the world's largest and most prestigious international circus event. Lublin will be visited by people from the most distant parts of the world. Currently, participants from 57 countries have registered, most of which are from Germany and the UK but also from the USA, Israel and Taiwan.

Admission to the tent show will be possible by downloading a free ticket from a special pool dedicated to Lublin residents and visitors. Tickets will be available for download on the website from 21 July. Special Lublin Ticket is a day ticket that allows the residents of Lublin to access training halls, specialized workshops, tournaments, performances and other attractions.

EJC is a nine-day program of artistic and cultural events. Lublin will be visited by some of the most recognized new circus creators who will perform for the Lublin audience.

Selected open events:

July 23 (Sunday) - Parade, Opening Show and Fire Night

A colourful parade will start in Park Ludowy and will head to the city centre. The parade will end with a special spectacle opening 40th European Juggling Convention, which will take place on pl. Litewski. In the evening, there will be a Night of Fire, a program of fire shows, taking place downtown in three scenes at the same time.

July 24 (Monday) - Fireshow Gala

On pl. Litewski people will be able to see the Fireshow where the most interesting dance shows with fire will be presented using also pyrotechnics and multimedia effects.

28 - 29 July Gala EJC 2017

A gala as a unique event accompanying the convention, it will be a spectacle featuring outstanding performers of the new circus using multimedia effects. The gala show will be held at the Opera Hall of the Centre for Meeting of Cultures.

Theme zones and other attractions

Throughout the duration of the convention (22 - 29 July), there will be a number of tent and outdoor performances in Park Ludowy. The program includes juggling performances, acrobatic shows and unique flying trapeze shows, Fire Space -- a dance zone taking place in the amphitheatre in Park Ludowy, monocycle zone, jugglers volleyball tournament, European Kendama Open tournament, and finally so called Club combat.

Free of charge events of the European Juggling Convention 2017 are being implemented thanks to the support of the City of Lublin as part of the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to the city. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage free events of the convention will be translated into a sign language.

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