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„Let’s clean up Lublin for spring”

„Let’s clean up Lublin for spring”

„Let’s clean up Lublin for spring” is an initiative to engage students from local schools and preschools in cleaning the city. It has been going on for quite a bit and this year fifty educational facilities are willing to take part in Lublin's clean-up, alongside a total of six thousand participants, who will join in between April, 20-21 in given districts of Lublin.

The event has been held on regular basis for many years and this spring it will happen on April, 20thand 21st. Owing to this initiative, every year lots of students from Lublin schools and preschools equipped with rubber gloves and bin liners will take on the effort to clean up litter scattered at squares, streets and schools' premises. Participants are free to choose the area they will work on.

The aim of „Let’s clean up Lublin for spring” is to raise and reinforce awareness among children and teenagers to the environment protection as well as to hammer home the message that everybody is responsible for the environment and for the look of their city.

Year in, year out, this action is popular among students. For instance, last year the initiative was taken up by 20 schools and kindergartens and roughly three thousand people jumped on board. They managed to clean up not only educational facilities but also areas in the vicinity. The end result of the last year's action was a collection of 436 bin liners, each of the capacity of 120 litres. Fifty educational facilities, with a total of six thousand pupils declared to engage in “Let’s clean up Lublin for spring” this year

All participants will be equipped with rubber gloves and bin liners, handed out by Department of Environmental Protection of the Lublin Municipal Office. The Municipality is to secure the collection of litter cleaned up by the participants too.

The action is held in the framework of Programme for Environment Education of the City of Lublin in 2016, co-financed by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Lublin.

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