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Lublin Advertising Code at hand

Lublin Advertising Code at hand

Initial presumptions of the draft resolution regarding advertising in the Lublin City Centre have been announced – in the form of so-called Advertising Code. The document is to be discussed with institutions and then passed on to the City Council. Following acceptance of the resolution, the entrepreneurs will have twelve months to comply with the changes.

Firstly, the regulations concerning the arrangement of advertisements and advertising signboards will be implemented in the area of the City Centre including the Old Town. In compliance with the presumptions the signboards, which are more stylish and visually pleasing as well as standardized in the size and colour, are going to replace advertisements and advertising tools. Every business will be entitled to place up to two advertising objects on the elevation not higher than the level of the ground floor of the building.

We do care about the visual merits of public space especially the historic part of the Old Town and the City centre. The current conditions have been caused by the lack of proper mechanism that would facilitate managing this space more effectively. The Landscape Act 2015 opens new possibilities and provides us with solid instruments – says Mr Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin.

The draft of the Lublin Advertisement Code is to be discussed by way of regular meetings:

  • 26 October – dedicated to the Promenade area and the adjacent streets, the Wolności Square and the Old Town
  • 3 November – dedicated to the Narutowaicza Street and the adjacent streets
  • 9 November – dedicated to the Podzamcze area and the Kalinowszczyzna borough
  • 17 November – regarding the Zamojska Street within the framework of the meeting with the entrepreneurs doing their business there
  • 24 November – debriefing meeting

Remarks referring to the premise of the resolution and the draft resolution can be sent to the email address:

The area of the City centre will be the first place where the advertising code is to be applied. The regulations for other areas are going to be elaborated gradually in following years also on the basis of rules already implemented in urban areas.

According to the Landscape Act, regulations accepted by the city are to stipulate the quantity and the size of the advertising medium, type of material and quality standards of the medium. These are made for the whole municipality territory, but may vary in particular parts. The limit of fees guaranteed by the resolution: fixed part, depends on the number of media – 2,50 PLN per item per day, variable part – depends on the surface of the media, 0,20 PLN for m2 of the surface. In case the advertisement is not pursuant with regulations of the resolution, the fine is the forty times value of the fee stipulated in the resolution. The advertising signboards are free of charge.

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