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Lublin Basket Cup 2016

Lublin Basket Cup 2016

Lublin Basket Cup 2016, U16 – Boys International Basketball Tournament, is dedicated to youths aged between 15 and 17. In the tournament, which will be held in Lublin, May 27-29 there will be 8 teams from abroad and 4 teams from Poland. Lublin will host teams from its partner cities such as: Nilüfer (Turkey), Panevėžys (Lithuania), Rishon LeZion (Israel), Nikšić (Montenegro), Alcalá de Henares (Spain), Brest (Belarus) Novi Sad (Serbia), Lutsk (Ukraine) and Polish teams from Warsaw and Biała Podlaska as well as two Lublin teams. A total of 180 players will take part in the tournament.

Over three days, two Lublin sports arenas will become the theatre of a fierce competition between 12 teams, which will play 26 matches. Consequently, the best team will come in first. The contest will provide the teams with a good opportunity to showcase their skills and at the same time will drive young players to develop their sports talent. Furthermore, partaking in the game like this, motivates and encourages players to train systematically. The tournament is an effective way to promote basketball as an attractive sport providing lots of opportunities of personal development both sport and society wise .

The main idea of Lublin Basket Cup 2016 is to find a dimension, which would enable youths from different countries to meet and cooperate together. Therefore, the best idea to maintain relationships is to play sports especially a team sport such as basketball. What makes sport special is the fact that it offers equal chance to everybody no matter where they come form or how much they possess. Sport which is not constrained by any limits will help the adolescents to integrate, which may result in an advantageous communication platform. Therefore, it will be possible to instill ideas of cooperation, responsibility, fair play and respect in young people.

  • International Young People’s Integration

It is through events of this nature that we strive to promote appropriate attitudes among the youngest players and we help to make their sporting dreams and ambitions come true at the same time. The sheer fact of integration and networking among participants, sports activists and local authorities cannot go unappreciated too.

In compliance with the activities dedicated to the participants there will be sport workshops which will enable young people to find out more about particular forms of training conducted in other teams. Common meetings, trips and socializing games will amount to new friends from other countries and familiarizing with foreign cultures and customs.

Help performed by the volunteers will be indispensable to organize the tournament and associated events. Their experience and engagement will constitute a solid foundation for the project. Numerous volunteers cooperate with us organizing various sport events and activities. These are mainly young people who wish to broaden their experience and acquire new skills.

Their help in organizing Lublin Basket Cup 2016 will provide them with a unique opportunity to meet peers from other countries, make new friends and expand their knowledge about life and culture in other countries.

  • Training staff development

Trainers of the teams hosted in the tournament will participate in the group discussion to share their knowledge and experience gained during work in their countries. Therefore, the trainers will have the opportunity to develop their skills, find out more about training systems practiced in other countries and maintain long-term relations, which may result in cooperation and talented youth exchange.

  • The greatest youth basketball tournament

This year it is the second edition of Lublin Basket Cup that takes place. Last year’s success both in sport and organization accentuates the need for such sport exchange and training experience from different parts of the world. Undoubtedly, it is a vital point in working with young players which will enhance their sport skills and hopefully will exert a positive impact on Polish sport development. We wish to make the tournament the most significant international event for Polish teams held on regular basis.

Here you will find a complete list of Lublin’s partner and friend cities:


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