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Lublin offers the greatest number of bicycles per capita

Lublin offers the greatest number of bicycles per capita

Lublin, which offers the second largest Lublin City Bike System, is the unquestioned leader in the number of bicycles per every thousand residents. communication portal published an overview of the city bike rental systems in Poland.

Eight hundred fifty bikes, including 20 bikes for children, are available in Lublin, with population of around 340 thousand, which accounts for two and a half bikes per every thousand residents. In the overview prepared by Transport Publiczny the rate for Lublin is bigger and accounts for 2,62 bikes per every thousand residents, since Lublin City Bike System comprises 41 bikes in Świdnik.

The second city in the overview is Warsaw (1,73 bikes per every thousand residents) and the third is Białystok with BiKeR (1,53 bikes per every thousand residents).

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