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Lublin roundabouts full of flowers

Lublin roundabouts full of flowers

The flowering of the city has just begun. Yesterday you could see the gardeners at Rondo im. Honorowych Krwiodawców and in the area of Zana street and Wileńska street. Today they appeared with seedlings on the roundabout in the vicinity of the Lublin Castle. It is the blastoff of the action announced before, which will encompass not only the downtown but also the main arteries.

This year thirty three pyramid-shaped arrangements made of pink geraniums will appear among others in Krakowskie Przedmieście street, at Wolności square and in the vicinity of the Lublin Castle, which will be a novelty.

Flowers will also embellish ninety street lamps on the promenade. Enormous flower pots with salmon pink geraniums with black spot will be situated at Łokietek square. Four huge pyramid-flowerbeds have been located in front of the Town Hall (two pieces) and similar arrangements are going to be placed in the vicinity of the Crown Tribunal (two pieces) and the Lublin Castle (six pieces). Two hundred and forty six pots placed on the fences along Lubartowska street will be decorated with pink geraniums and filled with millets. Similar arrangements made of one hundred and thirty five pieces will appear within dividing belts at al. Jana Pawła II.

Likewise, seven roundabouts will be embellished with flowers. The arrangements will glitter with various colours: pink, orange, red, white, silver, green and tints of purple, yellow and blue. A total of twenty five thousand of various flowers and decorative plants will appear on Lublin roundabouts. These will be mainly: begonias, marigolds, heliotropes, iresines. It means that you will see the gardeners working on the following roundabouts: Rondo por. Mariana Morskiego at the junction of ul. Zana and ul. Filaretów, Rondo bł. ks. Emiliana Kowcza at the junction of al. Jana Pawła II and ul. Armii Krajowej, Rondo im. gen. Leona Berbeckiego at the junction of al. Andersa, ul. Koryznowej and ul. Lwowska, Ronda im. Zrzeszenia Wolności i Niezawisłości at al. Jana Pawła II and ul. Filaretów.

Bulbous plants planted in autumn at al. Solidarności at the junction of ul. Dolna 3 Maja and ul. Lubomelska are going to sprout soon. A total of thirty three bulbs which were planted in strips 1m x 35m covering the area 840 square meters will amaze the passers-by as full-grown croci and narcissi. Another twelve thousand will bloom on Lech Kaczyński Square by the Centre for Culture and on the embankment at the Lublin Castle.

Department of Municipal Services will make standard flowerbeds composed of multicolored pansies which will embellish Bronowice Park and ul. Krochmalna. The plants arranged in flowerbeds at Kardynał Stefan Wyszyński square between ul. Lotnicza and ul. Krańcowa will bloom in national colours.

There are about eighty eight thousand bulbous plants situated in the Saxon Garden covering the area of 12 ha which bloom at the turn of March and April every year. These are among others: tulips, narci, hyacinths and muscaris. The plants are scattered around the garden taking the form of free, naturalistic arrangements which are in compliance with the scenery of the garden. What is more, a spring flowerbed made of pansies, which are seasonal plants is composed every year. You will find park roses of many kinds due to historical conditions and the representative function that the park has performed since its foundation in 1837. Now park roses cover the area of 790 m2. It is planned to cover the area of 500 m2 with flowerbeds made of roses.


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