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Lublin Sportival 2016 – the summer edition

Lublin Sportival 2016 – the summer edition

The competition, which is the fixed element in the schedule of FMB World Tour Silver Event Cup, will take part in Lublin and in Central-Eastern Europe for the first time. The events within Lublin Sportival will commence on 28th May. The Authorities of the City will offer four zones during the two-week event: Bike Zone, Skateboard Zone, Parkour&Freerun Zone, Bike Polo Zone as well as a camp located within green areas at the Lublin Castle.

The summer edition is to be held on 28th and 29th May 2016. The event is the fixed element in the schedule of FMB World Tour Silver Event Cup and therefore it is held at the top level. It is a great honour but also a challenge for the city. The last year's summer edition of Lublin Sportival 2015 was recognised as the Best Summer Sports Event 2015 by a monthly magazine Brief for Poland.

Competitions within Bike Zone will be organised on 28th May this year. Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour is a series of competitions organised by FMBA (Freeride Mountain Bike Association). FMB World Tour comprises the greatest events of gravity assisted mountain biking in the world (dirt jumping, slope style, freeride), which are organised among others in Europe, North America and Asia. The Silver Category is designed for professionals who have FMBA licence. The start list is prepared according to the current ranking. Competitors who are ranked 1-25 have priority of application for the competition. Only 5 competitors without FMBA licence, who are chosen by the organiser and get a wild card, can enter the silver competition. Competitions organised within this category should meet requirements concerning among others the length of the track, the number of obstacles and the number of referees. A professional cycle track will run along the Castle Square this time which will enable creation of extremely challenging obstacles but will also provide a close contact between competitors and viewers. Lublin will host representatives from12 countries and 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North America and South America).

Lublin Sportival 2016 involves also the Parkour&Freerun Zone which will take place on Po Farze Square on 28th May. Nearly 80 contestants from Poland will participate in the event, including the best teams from Warsaw, Białystok, Gdańsk and Kraków.

  • On Saturday, May 28, we invite everyone to the Festival Town located within green areas at the Lublin Castle where 13 stands of foodtrucks and pumptruck (a mobile track open to all the visitors) will be situated and lots of other attractions addressed to children and teenagers will be held.
  • On 29 May, within the Skateboard Zone, a contest is going to take place on Teatralny Square next to the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. A tailor-made skatepark will be the scenery for a fantastic performance provided by the best teams taking part in the contest to name a few: Sianokosy from Łódź, Semper from Tricity, Alkomatrs from Zielona Góra and Skatepakt from Warsaw. You will not miss international teams either including: Picnic Skateshop from the Czech Republic, Sasko from Slovakia, Criminal from Hungary and Mob Skateboards from Germany.

During the weekend 28-29 May the Bike Polo Zone will be held on the football pitch located on ul. Śliwińskiego 5. It will be the only professional pitch in Poland where about 16 teams will participate in the event. The attendees will not only have an opportunity to enjoy the best Polish teams but also other teams from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Finland.

Lublin Sportival is held twice a year. The event is aimed to promote sport, active ways of spending free time and young people’s hobbies and interests. There are two editions of the Lublin Sportival event, one is held in summer on the last weekend of May and the other takes place in winter on the first weekend of December. Lublin Sportival event is a dazzling show full of unforgettable feelings and experiences provided by a unique combination of an ancient and historical character of the city with its contemporary and dynamic face of today.

Summer Lublin Sportival 2015 was awarded the Best Summer Sport Event 2015 by the magazine Brief for Poland.

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