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Participatory Budgeting 2018 - we finally know the rules!

Participatory Budgeting 2018 - we finally know the rules!

We know the rules of next year's Lublin Participatory Budgeting! They were created together with the residents. The main changes involve the numbers - a small project will be one up to 300 000 PLN, a large project: 1 200 000 PLN. Voting rules are also new - you don't have to be 16 years old to vote anymore. Projects can be submitted from April, 28 until the end of May.

Main changes involve:
  • Values of projects:
    • A small project: 25 000 PLN – 300 000 PLN
    • A large project: 300 000 PLN – 1 200 000 PLN.
  • 15 000 000 PLN will be allocated to large and small projects:
    • Small projects: 9 000 000 PLN;
    • Large projects: 6 000 000 PLN.
  • Guaranteeing each neighbourhood 150 000 PLN for at least one project - unless voters decide that there will be a large investment project implemented in the neighbourhood,
  • Large projects may only involve investments such as construction, renovation, re-building infrastructure,
  • If you want to vote on paper - you will have to show up yourself,
  • Each resident of Lublin can vote, regardless of their age. Persons underage will vote and submit projects with approval of their legal guardians.
  • Projects authors will have 7 days to appeal if their project will not be accepted for voting
  • You can submit your project proposal from April. 28th untill the end of May
  • You can vote from September, 25th until October, 10.
  • You can only vote for 1 large and 1 small project.

We know the rules of next year's Lublin Participatory Budgeting!

On the 28th of April the website will be launched to submit projects online. You can also print out the project form and submit your project on paper.

Please note that the project form has to be filled in in Polish.

If this website malfunctions or you see incorrect data, please let us know by using the form below.

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