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Residents to choose a colour of a bridge

Residents to choose a colour of a bridge

A colour of the new bridge, which is being built within ul. Muzyczna, will be up to the residents choice. The Authorities of the City await voting results on one out of three proposed options in February.

The colour proposed in the initial project was yellow-blue but this proposal raised doubts on the part of residents. Therefore, the Authorities of the City turned to the Council for Culture of Space for other options. Three proposals offered by the Council for Culture of Space, which include the bridge in the colour of natural concrete and red, granite or grey steel elements, will be reviewed by the residents.

The Authorities of the City wait for remarks till the end of February. Remarks are to be sent to The Council for Culture of Space recommends the choice of the first option which includes the bridge in the colour of natural concrete and red steel elements.

The redevelopment of ul. Muzyczna was initiated in October last year. Works which are currently under way involve stabilising the ground for new the road.

Three pile drivers, every of which is capable of driving 120 concrete piles every day in favourable conditions, are on the building site now. Two thousand piles out of 7400 planned at this stage of works have been manufactured so far.

This stage should be completed till the end of February. After that, the bridge works will be initiated. Strengthening the ground in the places where the bridge construction will rest may be commenced even in March. Works by rainwater sewage system from the river in the direction to ul. Narutowicza will be started as well. This rainwater sewage system will dehydrate the area located at the junction of ul. Nadbystrzycka and ul. Głęboka. Works involving the redevelopment of gas pipelines and water supply system will be started at this point.

In future, ul. Muzyczna will provide access to the Metropolitan Station and the supporters of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship will have the opportunity to make use of the street earlier. It will be 757 metres long and will begin on the extension of ul. Stadionowa in the area of the Lublin Arena and will join the junction of ul. Narutowicza, ul. Nadbystrzycka and ul. Głęboka, the latter of which will be renovated as well. The new bridge over the Bystrzyca river will be built as part of the investment. It will be a single carriageway with four lanes, the external of which will be dedicated to public transport.

The value of the investment amounts to nearly PLN 42 mln. The contractor of the task is the consortium consisting of the following companies: PRD Lubartów and Intop Tarnobrzeg.

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