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"The Creative group" sends out an open invite to prof. Charles Landry lecture

"The Creative group" sends out an open invite to prof. Charles Landry lecture

„The Creative” group invites all to the lecture conducted by prof. Charles Landry – a world leader in urban creativity. This lecture will additionally open the photo exhibition presenting the works of Lublin citizens who due to their passion inspire others. The event is to take place on October 4th 2016 in the Centre for Meeting of Cultures.

The lecture delivered by professor Charles Landry is the key point of that evening. Mr Landry is a world famous authority of the use of imagination and creativity in urban policy. He is also the founder of Comedia – think-tank which popularizes ideas of urban transformation tainted with culture and creativity.

Charles Landry is the author of the best-seller “Creative city” which presents the concept of the city, where architecture astonishes with innovative solutions, shopping centres play entertaining and cultural role, public transport is friendly to users. Utopia? Lublin is aspiring to face up to the challenges and become a City 3.0.

Prof. Landry’s lecture will hit off this year’s opening of the Creative project.

It’s a unique event which attracts more than 400 participants every year. The attendees are innovative people who pay attention to the quality of city life. The idea of the project is aimed at identifying creative Lublin citizens who owing to their passion create unique and extraordinary business solutions.

The Creative group proves that the city of Lublin is full of creative people who feed their passion into economic value, whereas their success is inspiration for the most resourceful and active people, who constitute a potential source of ideas for the wealthy.

Each of the project characters participates in the well-developed individual photo shoot, with the end result being the portrait and the report presenting the creation process, work place and the final outcome. The session is combined with the interview, during which the characters talk about their passion and creativity. The following year the Creative exhibition travels around and promotes the Lublin creativity at the festivals, in galleries, at universities and business incubators.

You can register for the event, which is free of charge, using the website below The event will be interpreted into sign language.

The project in question was financed from the budget of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department of the Lublin City Office. It is a way to promote Lublin entrepreneurial spirit.

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