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Timişoara – new partner city of Lublin

Timişoara – new partner city of Lublin

Main areas of cooperation between Timişoara and Lublin include the following domains: culture, sport, economy and social policy. University exchange programmes and implementation of common European projects are important aspects that will be developed by the both cities. Lublin and Timişoara are also going to work collectively in order to promote innovation, high technology and information technology.

Timişoara is a city which has been developing in a very dynamic way. It is currently the second best prospering city in Romania, after Bucharest. Big concerns like Nestlé or Procter&Gamble invest in the city. The same with Continental AG, an automotive manufacturing company specialising in tyres, or an international company Linde AG which produces industrial gases. Timişoara is also very attractive to tourists and offers a wide range of cultural events and entertainment.

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