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“Zakochani w Lublinie” – Tomasz Momot's jazz and rock cantata

“Zakochani w Lublinie” – Tomasz Momot's jazz and rock cantata

For the first time in Lublin's history, the greatest Polish voices will meet on one stage to perform a concert that has been composed and written especially for them. “Zakochani w Lublinie” (In Love with Lublin) – Tomasz Momot's jazz and rock cantata is a musical show that has been created on the occasion of the Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of Lublin receiving its City Charter.

The show is based on the most important events in Lublin's history told by a Lublin bard, Jan Kondrak, and accompanied by Tomasz Momot's music. The best Lublin singers, orchestras and choirs have been invited to cooperate in this project. In total, there will be 150 artists on one stage. Beata Kozidrak, Urszula, Krzysztof Cugowski and Piotr Cugowski will tell us their dream of Lublin, in which story they will be accompanied by Natalia Wilk, Jan Kondrak and Lubelska Federacja Bardów.

“Zakochani w Lublinie” jazz and rock cantata is a creation of Tomasz Momot, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Institute of Music of the Faculty of Arts of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. This renowned artist and creator of his own orchestra collaborates with the most acknowledged Polish performers. As for the libretto, it was written by the master of Polish literary song and co-founder of Lubelska Federacja Bardów, Jan Kondrak. Polish music stars Beata Kozidrak, Krzysztof Cugowski, Piotr Cugowski, Urszula, Jan Kondrak, Natalia Wilk and Lubelska Federacja Bardów will sing at the concert.

The artists will be accompanied by Tomasz Momot Orkiestra, Orkiestra Trybunału Koronnego (Crown Tribunal Orchestra), Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Choir and Lublin University of Technology Choir. All conducted by Tomasz Momot, Ph.D. The concert will be hosted by Grażyna Lutosławska and Ewa Tutka.

The whole event will officially launch the festivities of the Grand Jubilee of the 700th Anniversary of Lublin. It will be held on January 28 and 29 at 7pm in the opera hall of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (Plac Teatralny 1).

Tickets available in the Centre's ticket office, at and in the following stores: EMPIK, Saturn, Media Markt and Media Expert.


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