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Ziutek and Gutek are kicking off a new holiday season.

Ziutek and Gutek are kicking off a new holiday season.

The sixth edition of the holiday tourist line will commence July 3. This year sports and tourism will feature the travel theme of Gutek, a special old bus. What is more, if you travel by Ziutek, the old trolleybus, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Lublin history and the monuments on the route. Additionally, those who take an interest in popular trolleys [so called in Polish trajtki], or special old buses so called “ogórki” [cucumbers, name given due to their cucumber-like shape] will have a unique possibility to explore secrets of the vehicles. The members of the Lublin Environment-Friendly Communication Association will bring closer the history of the old buses. The trip will take about 50 minutes. The buses will travel every Sunday in July and August. Trolleybuses and buses will depart from the joint bus stop 04 at ul.Królewska in the vicinity of the Cracovian Gate according to the following schedule: 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. The buses will run on the following routes:

Gutek line:

  • Królewska (Brama Krakowska bus stop 04) – Zamojska – Al. Zygmuntowskie – al. Piłsudskiego – Narutowicza – Głęboka – Sowińskiego – Al. Racławickie – Długosza – Leszczyńskiego – al. Solidarności – Wodopojna – Królewska (Brama Krakowska bus stop 04)

Ziutek line:

  • Królewska (Brama Krakowska bus stop 04) – al. Unii Lubelskiej – Fabryczna – Wolska – Kunickiego – Zemborzycka – Diamentowa – Krochmalna – Stadionowa – Lubelskiego Lipca '80 – Wolska – Fabryczna – Unii Lubelskiej – Podzamcze – Unicka – Chodźki – Królewska (Brama Krakowska bus stop 04)

All types of tickets and the regular pricing will apply to the „T” line. If you are entitled to travel free of charge or purchase discount tickets in line with the current fares and relevant decree and by-laws , the “T” line is up for you. You may buy normal and discount 30-minute period tickets respectively at the price of 3.20 and 1.60 PLN.

The “T” line has been running since 2010. Between 2010-2013 Ziutek, the tourist trolleybus, run the “T” line route, and in 2014 so did the bus. The line has been attracting lots of tourists and citizens, since it was launched. Last summer more than 1 400 people took a ride.


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