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Key projects

European Youth Capital title is a chance for Lublin – for a change, new actions and initiatives, to foster the youth-friendly city together. Due to this, we have been testing and developing youth grants (the funding of your projects), growth programmes, educational actions, supporting and sustaining cooperation. Check out what we already have here. Let us know if you think that something is missing here >> CONTACT



Urban Academy programme is different, but really practical education through experience and work. And young people are the experts here.
Urban Academy has provided specific know-how knowledge on how the City works. Youth and adults learn from each other. Activities carried out within this project will include: co-creation of educational activities, a guide about Lublin, and perhaps mapping the city space and activities related to designing youth-friendly solutions in the next semester.
Civic education has the power to improve youth social activity, its influence and self-management. We care about relationship building and creating opportunities to take responsibility for development of the youth-friendly City – City of Our Dreams.

Check out the “Urban Academy” tab and find out more about the project.



School Civic Budget is “a process where a school community decides about objective part of school budget (most often determined by a school management or parents). Students, parents, teachers or other school employees introduce ideas, create projects and choose the ones they consider the most attractive and necessary.” (The School Participatory Budget – tips for beginners, The Field of Dialogue Foundation (Fundacja Pole Dialogu), Shipyard Foundation in Warsaw, 2019 (Fundacja Pracownia Badań i Innowacji Społecznych „Stocznia”, Warszawa).
We are carrying out the first edition of School Civic Budget within the European Youth Capital programme. This is the first step to create the programme about development of children and youth self-management.

Check out “School Civic Budget” tab and find out more about School Civic Budgets.



Lublin Volunteering is a project carried out by Sempre a Frente Foundation and Homo Faber Association. Its aim is to create and implement a coherent and long-term volunteering system in Lublin, with particular emphasis on projects associated with European Youth Capital 2023.

The project will include:

  • development of the volunteering system;
  • creating a web app to match people willing to take up volunteering with entities offering it;
  • mapping volunteering groups which already exist in the city;
  • recruitment of volunteers;
  • providing workshops and support for volunteers;
  • networking and integration meetings;
  • holding an advertising campaign of the volunteering of Lublin European Youth Capital.

The process of planning and development of the system and app is followed by a consultation phase carried out by Lublin Research Group. The web app will be created with Education Group 3.0 engagement and the advertising campaign will be held due to Marketing NGO.
Check out the “Youth Volunteering” tab and find out more about this project.


We have created the first youth spaces during Lublin European Youth Capital – “Hej!” (11 Peowiaków Street, the base of European Youth Capital and the first youth space which was created together with the youth and for the youth who decide what happens there. The space designed and equipped in cooperation with the Strategic Partner of Lublin European Youth Capital 2023, IKEA Polska and Skende Shopping),
“Miejscówka” in Skende Shopping (88 Spółdzielczości Pracy Street, is the space where workshops and meetings fostering development of hobbies and meeting new people, are being held. The agenda is created on the basis of topics, as a response to the needs of  young people. Agricultural, ecological, manual, artistic skills workshops and “life skills” workshops take place there.
Centre for Information and Youth Development (24 Lubartowska Street, this place provides the development of youth information and encourages them to become active citizens promoting social responsibility, initiative and enterprise). In order to meet the expectations of young residents of Lublin, every space is created together with them. The city has invited people aged between 10 and 30 to take part in a working group on youth spaces. The group deals with visual aspect, programme and principles of meeting space and activities for young people.

Check out the “Youth spaces” tab and get familiar with the current schedule of meetings in youth spaces.

Napis Lublin is #YOUth

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