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European Youth Capital 2023 events!

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European Youth Capital 2023 events!

City of Lublin invites to take part in the forthcoming events as part of European Youth Capital  2023:

3 June - 3 July, 2023

Youth Energy Month: The City is Ours

A series of events and festivals pivoting around the Night of Culture (3-4 June).

An opportunity for official delegations of twin and friendly cities to come together for joint sessions of the Lublin City Council and the Lublin Youth City Council. During this time there will be projects coordinated or co-organised by Lublin Youth City Council and young people from academic institutions, including: Sports Days (June, 5-7); Balance. National Dance Meetings (June, 6); Art gallery of young artists (June 19 - July 3); International Festival of Art for Children and Youth with disabilities (June 14); Art workshops "archiTEKTURA" inspired by contemporary art (June, 14); Concert of Sung Poetry "Za szybą" (June, 17);

The film competition "Lublin dobrze się kręci" is aimed at creating a multimedia time capsule to be launched into space by the European Space Agency (until June, 20); #4 We can do it together! – Conference (June 20); Concerts of young artists and stepping into the holiday chill (June 20); Opening of a youth green corner in the City Centre (until June, 30).

Moreover, there will be such events as: Children’s Day; Alphabet – Book=Life Festival. Literary Cooperative for the Development of Children and Youth (1-4 June); 30th PKO Solidarity Run (3 June); Arena Grand Prix Polish Cup Finals (2-4 June); Youth Week held by the Lublin Youth City Council, schools and institutions; Balance. All-Poland Dance Meetings (6 June); CreActivity. Lublin is YOUth 2023: First Lublin Congress of Non-formal Learning (12-14 June); Entrepreneurial Kids Gala; Multicultural Lublin (15-18 June); European Taekwondo Cup (15-18 June); Spotlight Award. Poetry Début Contest held by the Józef Czechowicz Literary Museum in Lublin (finals 17 June); outdoor concert by the Old Theatre on the Old Town’s central square (17 June); BMX Polish Cup (23 June); the series culminating with the Lublin Youth Festival (22-25 June).

Night of Culture

Date: 3-4 June 2023

Venue: Lublin: Old Town and central districts

The Night of Culture is a night-time city festival featuring hundreds of free artistic events in the public space of Lublin. Come and see thousands of smiling people walking the streets of Lublin in search of unforgettable experiences. This is the only night of the year when everything is possible! Concerts, light installations, performances, shows, workshop activities, and many, many more events that cannot be easily defined or labelled. This seven hours’ long journey encapsulates extraordinary experiences and adventures. It is only up to each attendee whether they want to entertain themselves through crazy concerts and performances or small-scale and intimate literary meetings. The installations accompanying the Night of Culture transform Lublin’s streets beyond recognition: you can smell a gate, stroke shaggy walls, or peep through a keyhole into fantastic worlds. Make sure you camera battery is not low before going out into the night.

Night of Culture 2023 - Connecting the Dots

We all know the thrilling experience of slowly discerning an image emerging from a messy constellation of numbered dots. What seemed chaotic on the face of it turns out to be a beautiful, detail-rich and often complicated content. The more dots and time spent with a pencil, the greater the fun. The Night of Culture is a plethora of dots and people that connect to them and to one another. Each of them follows their own paths and creates their own memories.

    People’s mind is delighted when it sees every-day things in a new and unknown form, as they have never been seen before. / Jan Parandowski Alchemy of Words

Lublin may seem anything but extraordinary when you look at it every day, but it will certainly surprise and charm you again if you let yourself see it through new possibilities, imagination, and ingenuity on this one and only night of the year.

Napis Lublin is #YOUth

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