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Recruitment process to public kindergartens / preschool classes in public elementary schools starts on April, 10. There are 10 thousands places in public and private institutions cooperating with the Municipality of Lublin and acting as a public institutions. Additionally, there are close to 4 thousands places to fill in private kindergartens.
The Well of Memory Association together with the Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival, invites you to participate in the international project of the British 6 million + Charity Fund called "Every Button Counts". It is devoted to problems of refugees with reference to the historical experiences of holocaust and discrimination.
How to call an ambulance? How to write a good CV and find a job? How to legalize your stay in Poland? How to insure yourself? Become well-informed! Join the meeting for migrants and newcomers living in Lublin.
The Intercultural cities’ yearly activity report has just been published online. The report outlines the work carried out over the past year and contains active links to the main documents produced.
The 11th of November is a perfect day to taka a look at changing Polisch society and add to an existing discourse a new perspective - a viewpoint of the new inhabitants of our country - say the organizers: Homo Faber Association and invite you to the meeting summing up the "Show me your Lublin" project.
Gdańsk city council has accepted the Model of Immigrants' Integration, a document which was developed by an interdiciplinary team of experts in various fields, such as: employment, culture, housing, education, health etc. It is the first such plan accepted by a local government in Poland. During the meeting in Centrum Spotkania Kultur we want to talk with the representatives of the team responsible for creating and implementing the plan.
Organizations working with foreigners in Lublin have started preparing for Polish language courses which will start this October. This is a great (and free!) way of learning Polish and (in many cases) the only option available apart from expensive university or language schools courses.
Have your own say where the money from the city budget in 2017 goes to. Voting will start on October,1st and make sure to get involved until October, 10th. You have 3 votes to cast: 2 for small projects and 1 for a large project.
On 20 June countries around the world organise events to raise awareness about the millions of refugees and internally displaced persons who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution.This year Lublin is called to celebrate the World Refugee Day through a dedicated campaign based on the diversity advantage concept.
organized by the Homo Faber Association every Wednesday at 5 p.m. from February till June, 2016. How to call an ambulance? What to do when looking for a job? What are my obligations when I live in Poland?
There are representatives of at least 80 countries living in Lublin! Some of them are here to study, some of theme came here to work, some escaped their countries in search for peace and stability. How much do we know about them? Do we often meet and learn about their cultures? Can they learn about ours?
Community workers offer help, provide assistance, gather information, solve problems and, first and foremost, are able to establish permanent contacts with other people.
Organized by the Homo Faber Association under the Welcome to Lublin 3 project, the classes will be held in two groups: beginner level (A1) for English speaking participants and intermediate level (B1).
Lublin's project "Your City. You Decide" along with the "Family 3+" Programme were recognized as good practices in European Public Sector Award 2015.
We all know that it's best to talk over meal. Division for cooperation with NGOs of the Municipality of Lublin together with invite you for the 3rd NGOs breakfast this Thursday, 26th of November at 3, Bernardyńska Street in Lublin.
at the Centre of Culture in Lublin on December 1-3.
Nationwide action of collecting sleeping bags for refugees. Anna Alboth, Polish blogger and traveller, invites everyone to share some warmth with the refugees.
The information chaos about the "refugees crisis" continues. We are being flood with news that are very difficult to verify without basic knowledge about migration laws and procedures in Poland and the European Union. Hostility and anger is getting out of control. It is time to bring some order into the discussion.

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