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Sport Facilities

Sport Facilities

Lublin is a vibrant sports centre with a modern sports infrastructure which caters to the collective needs of the municipality regarding the active spending of free time and promoting attitudes that help to improve health and physical fitness.

The municipal base of sports facilities consists of facilities managed by the Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre “Bystrzyca”, school facilities, public neighbourhood pitches, and recreational grounds.

The main municipal sports facilities intended for competitive sports and for national and regional competitions, used by dozens of sports clubs operating in the city, are as follows:

The Lublin Arena football stadium built in 2014, seating 15,000 fans with full-size training pits, the “Globus” hall and the “Zdzisław Niedziela Sports Hall” where training events and competitions are held of the highest handball, basketball and futsal leagues, the ice hall commissioned in 2014, the footfall and speedway stadium at 4  Al. Zygmuntowskie, the indoor swimming pool at 4 Al. Zygmuntowskie, and the sport and recreation complex with an indoor swimming pool at 4 Łabędzia St.

In 2015, the municipal sports infrastructure was expanded by the commissioning of a 50-metre Olympic swimming pool with an AQUA PARK, which became the training centre for Lublin’s swimming clubs. In addition, the upgrading of an athletic stadium was finished in 2017. Those strategically important development projects for the purposes of competitive met European standards.

Municipal facilities are made available to sports associations free of charge against the purchase of time units by the Municipality of Lublin. They are also used as a scene for numerous sports and artistic events held in the city.

School facilities in the form of thoroughly refurbished 80 gyms and 49 upgraded multi-purpose school pitches, including 13 “Orlik” [Eaglet] sports complexes and 1 “Biały Orlik” [White Eaglet] complex, and 8 school swimming pools, serve educational purposes and are also made available for the purposes of school sports and hosting school and youth league competitions. School gyms are also made available free of charge to sport associations performing the statutory tasks of the Municipality of Lublin under the “Sports School” programme operating since 2013. In 2014/2015, the programme benefitted 42 sports clubs.

What plays an important role in fostering physical recreation habits are local public sports and recreation facilities  in the form of 26 municipal neighbourhood pitches suitable for playing football, volleyball, basketball, and skate park facilities.                       

Active leisure is also possible at local gyms which attract great interest of the inhabitants. A recreation zone created on the Zemborzyckie Lake has become a sports and recreation centre for the inhabitants of the City. The new “Sunny Wrotków” sports and recreation complex consisting of z 200 m sand beach with volleyball pitches, numerous playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, 3 recreational pools, a swimming pool, a paddling pool, and a 100 metre slide is a place visited by inhabitants in great numbers. The municipal cycling infrastructure of 109.63 km  in length, consisting of cycle paths and lanes, enables inhabitants to reach the Zemborzycki Lake from most districts of the city. Cycle paths are used by a large number of cycling enthusiasts. Expansion of the existing cycleway network is planned in line with the demand of the city’s inhabitants.

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