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‘School of Sports’ Programme

‘School of Sports’ Programme

The ‘School of Sports’ Programme is dedicated to non-government organisations operating in the field of sports and recreation which implement tasks funded from the Borough's budget. The aim of the project assumes sports halls being made available free of charge to non-government organisations by schools run by the Lublin Borough. This innovative idea is another step taken by the Borough in order to provide financial support to sports clubs in the city which offer training to children and youth; it has also established the principles of reasonable use of school facilities.

Schools make their sports halls available outside of tuition hours, between 1st September and 30th June (Monday to Friday), for at least 2 hours per day. School principals submit information on facilities’ availability dates on a template form prepared by the Department of Sport and Tourism until 30th July each year. The project also facilitates use of sports halls in the indicated period on Saturdays and Sundays and during the summer holidays; however, this is subject to covering established costs related to remuneration of facility service staff, upon prior determination of the amount with the Principal. Additionally, school principals can submit information regarding additional availability times of sports halls during the school year.

In order to participate in the project, non-government organisations should submit an application according to the template prepared by the Department of Sport and Tourism until 15th August each year. According to the Project Regulations established, non-government organisations can apply for one sports hall for each sports team (division).

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