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School Volleyball Centres

School Volleyball Centres

School Volleyball Centres (SVC) is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Volleyball Association in co-operation with local government authorities. This project, innovative on the national scale, commenced on 1st September 2012. The key part of the project was the establishment of male and female School Volleyball Centres in each province, bringing together a great number of pupils who play volleyball at the highest athletic level and attend volleyball classes. Each Centre comprises three lower-secondary schools and one upper/post-secondary school, providing training to students from years 1-3, facilitating collaboration between teachers and units and enabling students to continue their volleyball training at an upper-secondary school close to their home after completing their lower-secondary education.

In Lublin alone, 4 schools are participating in the Ministry's project:

  • Lower-secondary School no. 5 located at ul. Smyczkowa 3 in Lublin,

  • V General Upper-secondary School located at ul. Lipowa 7 in Lublin,

  • Lower-secondary School no. 18 located at Al. Długosza 8 in Lublin,

  • School Complex no. 5 named after Jan Paweł II in Lublin located at ul. Elsnera 5.

The level of tuition at those schools is very high, while the potential of the young Competitors is eagerly used by professional coaches and teachers who conduct classes at the educational facilities.

School Volleyball Centre Academy

The next structural stage of the School Volleyball Centres project is the establishment of the School Volleyball Centre Academy. On 14 January 2015, four School Volleyball Centre Academies commenced their activity in Lublin. This is the next phase of the national programme promoting physical activity among young people through playing volleyball. Nineteen Lublin schools have applied to participate in the campaign. The initiators of the campaign are School Complex no. 5, Lower-secondary School no. 5, V General Upper-secondary School and Lower-secondary School no. 18.

The School Volleyball Centre Academy is a nationwide mini-volleyball and volleyball training programme addressed at children and youth with the aim of increasing physical activity among children through playing volleyball. 

Each SVC School is obliged to establish a SVC Academy with lower-level schools. These actions will facilitate a local training pyramid to be established at schools attended by younger children. The creation of local training networks will contribute towards a greatest integration of the local community around this sport in districts, cities and boroughs, and also constitute grounds for the implementation of other local, central and EU projects.

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