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Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons

“I Can Swim”

The “I Can Swim” general swimming lesson project is intended for Grade 1 pupils of primary schools throughout Poland. It provides for systematic and widespread participation of children in after-school and out-of-school sports activities in the form of swimming lessons.

The main objectives of the project include:

  • education on the safe use of swimming pools and other sports facilities;
  • popularisation of physical activities among children and youth,
  • acquisition of basic swimming skills by children,
  • preventing pathological social phenomena, including alcoholism, by organising sports activities for pupils
  • effective use of the sports infrastructure (swimming pools),
  • preventing abnormal spinal curvature and posture correction,
  • provision of equal opportunities in access to sports infrastructure by targeting the project especially at pupils living in localities where no indoor swimming pool is available,
  • ensuring free-of-charge swimming lessons.

The general swimming lesson project is a proposal for participation in extra sports activities for pupils who want to engage in physical activities in addition to the obligatory physical education classes.

The swimming lessons organised in a methodical way and widely available will also become an attractive proposal to manage pupils’ free time, in the context of preventing social pathologies.

The promotion of physical activities, fostering sporting habits among children and popularisation of sport are very important and effective components of the process of educating and upbringing the young generation. Obviously enough, physical education provided within the framework of obligatory school activities cannot meet all physical activity needs of children and fully develop their diverse sport interests. After-school and out-of-school sport activities are one of the additional form enhancing the scope of children’s physical activities and skills. The natural need of physical activity as well as the attractiveness of sport rivalry make young people readily participate in various forms of after-school activities.

The activities under the general swimming lesson project is mainly an opportunity to acquire basic swimming skills, but also to develop and improve physical fitness, encourage systematic engaging in sports in free time and promote and prepare for a healthy and active lifestyle. Children are very keen to participate in swimming pool activities, irrespective of their skills and physical fitness.

It is worth noting that swimming is viewed as the most versatile and safest sport which has a beneficial effect on the performance of all anatomic systems and contributes to improving the overall efficiency of the human body. It has a special effect on the overall development and physical fitness of children. Numerous studies clearly show that “small swimmers” display better coordination of movements, are fitter, demonstrate greater courage than their “non-swimming” peers. It was also shown that exercises in water and swimming are one of the most effective ways of preventing abnormal spinal curvature and posture correction.

In Lublin itself, the project has been implemented since 25 August 2014 and the training will be provided to all children – Grade 3 pupils in the school year 2014/2015, from primary schools managed by the Municipality of Lublin. More than 2,000 pupils from 34 primary schools have taken part in the project, including also pupils of integrated classes and pupils of special schools, whose disability level allows them to participate in the activities.

The classes are conducted at 9 swimming pools situated at:

  1. Primary School No 23 at 9 Podzamcze St.,
  2. Primary School No 28 at 13 Radości St.,
  3. Primary School No 30 at 10 Nałkowskich St.,
  4. Primary School No 51 at 22 Bursztynowa St,
  5. School Complex No 7 at 14 Roztocze St.,
  6. Lower Secondary School No 5 at 3 Smyczkowa St.,
  7. Lower Secondary School No 16 at 2 Poturzyńskiej St.,
  8. General Upper Secondary School Complex No 5 at 10 Rzeckiego St.,
  9. MOSiR “Bystrzyca” Swimming Pool at 2 Łabędzia St.

It is the largest swimming lesson project implemented in Poland by a local authority under the Ministry of Sport and Tourism initiative.



Primary School No 23 at 9 Podzamcze St.,

Primary School 48, Primary School 44, Primary School 10, Primary School 20, Primary School 25,

Primary School No 28 at 13 Radości St.,

Primary School 17, Primary School 38, Primary School 29, Primary School 3,

Primary School No 30 at 110 Nałkowskich St.,

Primary School 39, Primary School 47, Primary School 40,

Primary School No 51 at 22 Bursztynowa St.,

Primary School 2, Primary School 14, Special Primary Schools: No 26, No 53, No 54, No 55, No 56.

School Complex No 7 at 14 Roztocze St.,

Primary School 42, Primary School 46, Primary School 21,

Lower Secondary School No 5 at 3 Smyczkowa St.,

Primary School 34, Primary School 45, Primary School 24,

Lower Secondary School No 16 at 2 Poturzyńska St.,

Primary School 43, Primary School 4,

General Upper Secondary School Complex No 5 at 10 Rzeckiego St.,

Primary School 6, Primary School 7,

MOSiR „Bystrzyca” Swimming Pool at 2a Łabędzia St.

Primary School 31, Primary School 32, Primary School 11, Primary School 27, Primary School 52,

The project will be continued in the school year 2015/2016.

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