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A walk with your personal guide

...Two dance schools were located in this street; they were Jewish dance schools. On Saturdays, after the Sabbath, many Jewish girls, especially from religious households, would come here just to have fun, under the pretence of learning to dance. A bakery was also located here, where a Lublin delicacy was made which does not exist today, so-called ‘bubelach’ (....).

If you are intrigued by this story and would like to find out more about the history of our city, select the Lublin Żydowski (Jewish Lublin) walk on the Lublin Szeptany (Whispered Lublin) website. You can also learn about the secrets of the shady and criminal part of Lublin or listen to the recollections of Lublin oppositionists and anarchists. We also recommend Lublin drukarzy (Lublin of Printers) and Lublin dla początkujących (Lublin for Beginners).

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