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Adres: Królewska 10
Miejscowość: Lublin
The church of St John the Baptist and John the Evangelist was built between 1586-1604 to serve the Society of Jesus, which arrived at that time in Lublin. The architectural design was created by one of the friars, Jan Maria Bernardoni, who partially based it on the Roman residence of the Jesuits – the Il Gesu Church. In the 18th century, Józef Meyer decorated the interior of the church with beautiful paintings depicting Biblical scenes. The Church of the Society of Jesus became a cathedral in 1805 after the Diocese of Lublin was established. After the damage caused by WW2, the cathedral was rebuilt and we can still see it in this form today. It is worth going inside to get a closer look at the illusionistic polychromes and grand furnishings of the church. We should also pay attention to the main altar made of Lebanese pear tree.

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