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Print page to PDF Church and Monastery Complex of the Dominican Order

Adres: Złota 9
Miejscowość: Lublin
Telefon: 81 532 89 80
The Dominican Order probably arrived in Lublin as early as 1230. Initially, their church was wooden and subsequently the brick church of St Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr was erected in its place. A great fire in Lublin in 1575 significantly deteriorated the condition of the church. During its conversion at the dawn of the 18th century according to the design of Rudolf Negroni, a new vault and facade were constructed in the spirit of the building's style - the Lublin Renaissance. At the church a piece of Holy Cross Wood was stored, which is the source of many interesting stories. The legend has it that the Kiev Bishop Andrei brought it to Lublin in 1420. Unfortunately, in 1991 the relicts were stolen and they have not been found to date. In 1967, the Dominican Order Church was granted the title of Minor Basilica by Pope Paul VI. The adjacent monastery was built in stages up to the 18th century. According to the legend, the Union of Lublin act was signed at the monastery's refectory in 1569. During renovation works concluded in 2012, an exposition was established in the northern wing of the monastery, where items associated with the Order are collected. The most valuable exhibits can be seen in the monastery's vault.

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