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Adres: Bernardyńska 5
Miejscowość: Lublin
Adres www:
The church and monastery were erected for the Bernardine Order using the city residents' fund between 1473–1495. The conversion works conducted according to the design of builders Rudolf Negroni and Jakub Balin in the 1st half of the 17th century were the determining factor in the development of the Lublin Renaissance. It became a model design replicated in subsequent projects within the city and region. The church's vault is covered with stucco–ornamental designs in the shape of strips and geometric shapes supplemented with additional motifs in the form of rosettes, hearts and stars. At the eastern side of the church the characteristic apex covered with a ferrule ornament was preserved, originating from Dutch art. Inside, the Renaissance gravestone of Andrzej Osmólski (dawn of the 17th century) is located, as well as the epitaph of Wojciech Oczko (end of the 17th century) – court physician to Polish kings. The relicts of St Valentine and St Anthony – the patron of Lublin – are stored here. In 1569, after the Polish and Lithuanian union was signed, a solemn thanksgiving service took place at the church.

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