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Print page to PDF Krakowska Gate Museum of History of the city of Lublin

Adres: pl. Łokietka 3
Miejscowość: Lublin
The Krakowska Gate, one of the symbols of the city, was erected in the 14th century together with the city walls. Its name originates from the historic route leading from Kraków through Lublin into Vilnius. It was an observation point for the fire brigade, as well as the location where the city's bugle call was played. It was also inhabited by a clockmaker servicing the gate's clock. The basic framework of the Gothic walls is made of brick and stone, and the superstructure of vitrified brick. The octagonal, plastered tower was construed in the mid-16th century. The structure features a Baroque dome with the SAR monogram /Stanislaus Augustus Rex/ and date 1782 placed on top, which dates back to the period of its reconstruction carried out by Dominik Merlini. Its present appearance is a result of maintenance and construction works from 1959-64 when the gate's historic appearance was restored and the interiors were readapted to meet the needs of the Museum of History of the city of Lublin.

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