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The Basilica of the Dominican Order of St. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr

The Basilica of the Dominican Order of St. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr
Address: ul. Złota 9
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-400
Telephone: 81 532 89 80

This basilica is one of the most valuable sacral buildings in Lublin. The church and monastery were founded in 1342 by King Casimir the Great. In the church in 1569, after the union of Lublin was signed, a thanksgiving service was held, in which King Zygmunt August participated. The temple was already enjoying international renown thanks to the relics of the Holy Cross, one of the largest in the world. Many amazing and miraculous events are associated with the presence of the relics. According to one of the legends, the procession with the reliquary saved the city from a tragic fire in 1719. Unfortunately, in 1991, the relics stored in the church for centuries were stolen. The Dominican monastery complex in Lublin has been awarded the European Heritage Label. It is open to the public almost entirely, including the painting gallery, the monastery and the monastery treasury.

The Basilica is surrounded by eleven chapels. Most of the chapels contain altars from the second half of 18th century with dynamic, gilded, wooden figures that are an excellent example of Lviv-style sculpture. In turn, the main nave is surrounded by four (from six originally existing) altars - the chapels by a pillar.

From the south the monastery complex adjoins to the Basilica, with two patios and with an eastern part dating back to the 14th century that houses, among others, supported on one pillar the "Hall of Union" - former monastery refectory expanded in the 16 th – 18th centuries.

In the church treasury there is an oval wooden table on which the act of the Union of Lublin was to be signed.

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