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Akcent quarterly on literature and art

Akcent quarterly on literature and art
Kategoria instytucji: czasopismo
Address: Grodzka 3
Telephone: (081) 53-274-69
Fax: : (081) 53-274-69
"Akcent" is an independent periodical subsidized partly by the state and partly by donations from institutions and individuals interested in its creative activities. It has been published since 1980, at first irregularly, and after the revolutionary August of 1980 legalized as a periodical dedicated to literature, fine arts and the humanities. In the eighties, on account of political restrictions, "Akcent" was twice suspended, but fortunately it was possible to reestablish the periodical in the same form. One of the main themes undertaken by the quarterly is the problem of the cultural effect that take place on the borders of different nationalities, both in the east and west. "Akcent" initiated serious treatment of this theme a number of years ago when it was still frowned upon by the censorship of the Polish People's Republic. Moreover, three special issues were devoted especially to this topic: no. 3 (1987), no. 1-2 (1990) and no. 2-3 (1992). "Akcent" has also been active in popularizing Polish literature written abroad. As early as in the eighties émigré writers were presented to the Polish readers. Among them were: Danuta Mostwin, Aleksander Wat, Wacław Iwaniuk, Józef Łobodowski, Konstanty Jeleński, Józef Garliński, Gustaw Herbert-Grudziński, Stanisław Barańczak, as well as Jan Lebenstein, an outstanding painter and graphic artist. "Akcent" has been called the home of singing poets due to the publications of excellent translations of songs by G. Brassens, J. Brel, B. Okudjava and V. Vysotsky, as well as of the texts by the Polish singer and poet, Wojciech Młynarski. A number of young authors who later became wellknown throughout Poland made their debut in "Akcent" (P. Szewc, E. Ostrowska, M. Świetlicki, A. Niewiadomski and others). Source:

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