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AltanovaPress is a newly-established Lublin-based music label specializing in analogue and vinyl records (medium) as well as in experimental and independent music (content). Programmatically, AltanovaPress is an advocate of a unique type of non-streamlined Lo-Fi aesthetics. On principle, AltanovaPress hardly ever relies on modern cutting-edge technologies: sound is recorded by means of analogue techniques, carved onto a wax matrix, and each record/disc is hand-made. A very similar method was first implemented a hundred years ago during the first experiments with the preservation and reproduction of sound. In effect, AltanovaPress creates records-cum-objects, art objects even, artefacts that are truly unique: typified by warmth and rich in hisses and crackle. Seen – or perhaps – heard in the light of the present-day dominance of microchip-driven digital technologies, the charming quaintness of technical errors and production flaws characteristic of vintage analogue records is almost forgotten despite the fact that all these imperfections, so typical of the analogue medium, did not in any way diminish the enjoyment of the music lovers in the past. AltanovaPress is a creative union between a charmingly simple technology and the most refined and advanced of technologies currently available.

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