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Kategoria instytucji: zespół muzyczny
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Telephone: +48 609048858
The band Klezmafour was created in 1999 in Lublin. Since this time they have still given concerts. They performed their music in many polish city and out of Poland, for example: Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland. What's more Klezmafour recorded many songs on the radio and TV. We can also said that an artistic inspiration they owed a history of the city where they come from, where someday music traditions from East, West and South were mixed. A repertoire: * songs which are styled in Jewish minority and fascinating Bałkan's culture * their own composition The thing which has been very important since they created a band, was a perfect harmonious. ‘We want to create music which will be sound like a playing on the one instrument. A perfect feeling of colors proportion and dynamic and skillfully operate on it – this is our destination, which we have tried to get since the beginning’. Every member of a band finished some Musical High School and all of them are studying at The Music Academy. Thorough preparations and musical education since they were young people, allow them to realized their guidelines of a ‘perfect harmonious’ in the way full of professionalism and wisdom. Source:

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